The Dragonfly[Note 1] is a high speed jet and the signature mode of aerial transportation of the Quest team; designed by Dr. Benton Quest.


Season one

Dragonfly cockpit

The team sitting in their usual places.

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest revival

Season two

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  • The Dragonfly is notable for appearing in the opening and closing theme music, with the opening also showing inside the cockpit where the team sit and get a close-up of each of them (including Bandit) with their names typed at the bottom of the screen in white.
  • The first episode of the 1980's series, Peril of the Reptilian, indirectly alludes to the Dragonfly, when Dr. Quest uses a new jet.
  • Its inclusion in season two of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, was Lance Falk's attempt to bring the series closer to the original, which season one (under a different crew) did very little to nothing in trying to do.
    • The original series would only show the cockpit, presumably due to limited budget, but the Real Adventures showed some of them sitting at the back, entering and leaving, and also showed other vehicles stored.
  • It was called the Quest Jet in the direct-to-video film, Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest.


  1. The name was given by creator, Doug Wildey, but it was never made it into the original show. It wasn't until The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, was it referred to, specifically in Bloodlines, General Winter, and The Robot Spies.