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Ezekiel Rage (season 2)

Ezekiel Rage is the alter ego of a former secret agent of the United States government. He turned his back against them and raged a an all-out war against humanity, after his wife and daughter died as a result of getting caught in one of his missions and wasn't backed up by the government (to prevent an international crisis). His real name is unknown, although his first name may have still been Ezekiel, as he was called Zeke by his wife and the government.


The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Early life


Before the accident.

He was in Brazil to find classified documents, when he ran into his family who had flew in from Miami to see him (as they only believe him to be a salesman). His daughter wanted to take part in the festivities, but the Brazilian government had found him. He fled with his family in his car and requested backup as the "Raven" to save his hatchlings, but the pilots above were ordered not to. Zeke vowed revenge against his government for not helping, just as he swerved off the edge of a cliff, seemingly killing all of them, although Zeke would survive badly scarred.[1]


Ezekiel Rage

Top image is from season 2; this image is Rage's first look from season 1.

Due to a scheduling error, his origin episode was aired second.



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