This article is about the cartoon character, primarily on the 1964 incarnation. For the Future Quest comic incarnation, see Jade (Future Quest). For the Jonny's Golden Quest version, see Jade Kenyan-Bannon.
Jade (1964)

Jade is a mercenary for hire, an ally of the Quest team, and a love interest/old flame of Race Bannon.

Physical appearanceEdit

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She can deduce a man's real identity by a single kiss.[1]


Season oneEdit

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Other continuationsEdit

Jonny Quest and Jade (Comico)Edit


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The Real Adventures of Jonny QuestEdit


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Tom and Jerry: Spy QuestEdit


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  • Jade was given the nickname, "Jezebel" Jade, in Comico's comic series in 1986, which was later used in The Real Adventures and Spy Quest.
  • Jade was planned to appear in the 1986 revival, but perhaps due to only lasting thirteen episodes, that never happened. Her backstory with Race was supposed to be explored (which ended up happening in the limited series of Jade by Comico).
    • Some of the intended backstory of that was included in the telefilm, Jonny's Golden Quest, particularly her being an Intelligence 1 agent working with Race. They had a short-lived romance, but it never went as far as marriage. The Jessie character was thrown in from a failed attempt at the aforementioned 1986 revival a Jessie Bradshaw be a recurring character. In addition, Jade was also made Caucasian with long red hair.
      • When production changed half way through Real Adventures, new writer, Lance Falk, took measures to rectify this by splitting Jade Kenyan-Bannon into two people, with Jade being restored to her former self, and the add-on of her being an ex-wife and mother of Race's child being turned into Estella, who worked as an archaeologist.


  1. Double Danger (1964), season 1, episode 9.

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