This is primarily for the rarely mentioned 1964 version and her Comico appearance. For the one who appeared in cartoon form, see Rachel Quest. For the Future Quest comic incarnation, see Ellen Quest.

Mrs. Quest was the wife of Dr. Benton Quest, and the mother of their only child, Jonny.


Early lifeEdit

Jonny lost his mother at a young age, which resulted in the hiring of Race Bannon to act as his twenty-four hour bodyguard, so his father could work at peace and not be compromised.[1]

Jonny Quest (Comico)Edit


Insert details about physical appearance and personality here.


Insert details here.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest revivalEdit

Season twoEdit

Insert details here. (Thoughtscape)

Insert details here. (The Edge of Yesterday)



  1. Mystery of the Lizard Men (1964), season 1, episode 1.

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