The Mummy of Anubis is the mummy of Anubis (obviously) seen in the original Jonny Quest series episode The Curse of Anubis.


The mummy looks like a regular mummy would, wrapped up in bandages.

"The Curse of Anubis"Edit

After Dr. Ahmed Kareem stole the mask of Anubis, Anubis sent his mummy to punish Dr. Kareem for what he did. The mummy roamed Egypt for a while, following Kareem, until he finally found him in a tomb in the remaints of the lost city Kareem had discovered. Kareem made many attempts to shoot him, but they all failed. The mummy then grabbed Kareem, raised him above his head, and banged him against the ceiling, trying to cause a cave-in to kill him. This occured, and both were destroyed.


Destroyed in the cave-in, as said above.


  • When Dr. Kareem attempted to shoot the mummy, the bullets just went right through him!

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