An owl is a nocturnal bird seen in the Jonny Quest original series episodes: Shadow of the Condor, Werewolf of the Timberland, and The House of the Seven Gargoyles.


The owl appeared every time in the same form, though it is most likely not the same owl. The owl was black with gray around its eyes and on its chest. This owl also had a small, orange beak and tiny feet with four toes (like all birds), along with big, bulging, yellow eyes.

Appearances of OwlsEdit

Shadow of the CondorEdit

An owl is shown as an unfortunate victim of the condor in this episode.

Werewolf of the TimberlandEdit

In this episode, an owl was shown as being part of White Feather's communication group. Jonny and Hadji puzzled over how an owl could speak, and then the owl (on my watch, I may have looked wrong), winked as if to say, "Best if I didn't tell them."

The House of the Seven GargoylesEdit

An owl appeared just in the title card in this episode.


  • Owls are known prey of condors.

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