Shadow of the Condor

Race and Baron in dogfight

Shadow of the Condor title card

Jonny Quest (1964 TV series)
Episode # 10
Season One
Air date November 20, 1964 (ABC)
Teleplay by Charles Hoffman
Directed by Joseph Barbera
William Hanna
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Skull and Double Crossbones

Shadow of the Condor is the tenth episode of the 1960's Jonny Quest.


Due to their plane damaged, the Quests are forced to find help at the house of a German baron.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:

  • Julio (single appearance)


Other characters:

  • Willy (single appearance)(no lines)
  • Condor (single appearance)(no lines)



  • von Fruelich's rifle



Tim Matthieson Jonny Quest
Don Messick Dr. Benton Quest
Mike Road Race Bannon
Danny Bravo Hadji
Everett Sloane Heinrich von Froelich


  • Perhaps out of character for Race, is him calling Dr. Quest by his first name, when the former gets into the plane.
  • This episode was adapted into Comico's Jonny Quest #1.


  • The baron's plane as he's bearing down on Race late in the dogfight, the tail of the plane doesn't appear to be damaged, even though Race "shaved" part of it away earlier. An even clearer shot of the plane's tail can be seen after it crashes into the mountain -- there's the rounded tail, plain as day.
  • The baron is shooting at a condor target, which shows two holes in the bullseye. Later after Race has shot the tail feather off, the baron begins shooting again. The original two holes are gone and there is a new one and then the baron adds some more.

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