The Robot Spies

Robot spy captures Jessie

The Robot Spies title card

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
Episode # 25
Season Two
Air date April 15, 1997
Written by Lance Falk
Tim Miller (Quest Byte sequence)
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The Robot Spies is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, and the fifty-first overall.


Dr. Zin unleashes his robot spider again—but this time there are several—in the final showdown against Dr. Quest and his family.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:





Quinton Flynn Jonny Quest
Jennifer Hale Jessie Bannon
Smart house computer
John de Lancie Dr. Benton Quest
Robert Foxworth Race Bannon
Frank Welker Bandit
Theresa Saldana Estella
Clyde Kusatsu Dr. Zin
Tasia Valenza Jade
Andreas Katsulas Stephano DePace
B.J. Ward Iris


  • Hadji is absent.
  • This is a sequel of sorts to the original series episode, The Robot Spy.
  • Although this airs as the second to last episode, it was actually written as the series finale. Originally, it was intended to be a two-parter, but was prevented by the Questworld obligation.
  • The Quest Compound is destroyed in this episode, with the hope that if the show was renewed for a third season, the team would move back to the Palm Key compound in Florida, further aligning it back to the original series.
  • No other further incarnations have yet to bring back Jessie, making this not just her last appearance in this series, but her last appearance in the franchise.
  • B.J. Ward is uncredited as Iris in the Quest Byte.


  • Dr. Zin had apparently grown deathly ill in the last episode, but this seems to have been a test for his daughters (as his robot duplicate had suggested).

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Night of the Zinja The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
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